The House On One Floor

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The House On One Floor

The commission wanted a floor free of obstacles that could offer interesting spaces. As a result, the architect designed a cascade of cubic grouped around the dining room, the middle room and above. Skylights illuminate the interior at any time of the day.

The impact home

The modern concept of 21 Arquitectos consists of a number of different prisms and plans embedded in a glass box, which allows you to see the dimensional game that makes this house a modern style.

The house with an open volume

This volume is designed as a loft organized around the kitchen, and is facing south for maximum sunlight and views of the sea. The large open living room also overlooks the sea on the large terrace. The house is organized T and is built around a swimming pool and a fantastic garden.

The classic but modern house

The project shows us a modern vision of the facade, however, recovering the traditional form of the house with a pitched roof, placed on a white wooden platform. Built with natural materials, the dark wood facade, which gives it a certain elegance, is in full contrast with the white wood used for the interior.

The monumental house

The volumes in the monumental staircase designed by Micheas Arquitectos give life to a majestic facade, reaching three stories high, for this spacious and clean lines, modern styling feature that tends to strengthen.

The beach house

This house, inspired by the world of the sea and boats, is a unique project that offers the convenience of living in a real house and the beauty of having the water at your doorstep. The steel structure is characterized by two levels and slightly oval.

The house in black

black, used properly in a house, helps to give her an elegant and modern character, building a harmony based on volume and on the proper balance, as you can see in the draft Ezequiel Farca. The vertical and horizontal sections, so marked, are the moments of relief, in the windows of the large windows.

The house with character

The facade of this house established a very strong dialogue between inside and outside, through a real dissolution. The volume is a large white block, which in turn is equipped with blacks screens, which divide the inside environments, generating a dynamism and contrasts that you appreciate fine already from the outside.

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